About the book

Peter Boizot’s book, Mr Pizza and All That Jazz, chronicles an extraordinary life. From Peterborough boy to multimillionaire; toy salesman to international art collector; Beatnik to casino owner; Cambridge choral and history scholar to the man whose pizzas help protect the city of Venice.

Peter tells his story with energy and insight, never ducking the difficult issues. A businessman who never made a business plan in his life, Peter’s book is the story of a fascinating life lived during a rapidly changing period in the history of Britain and Europe.

Mr Pizza and All That Jazz
Mr Pizza and All That Jazz

About Peter Boizot

Born and raised in the town of Peterborough, UK in 1929, Peter was educated at King’s School and St Catherine's College, Cambridge. In his gap year between school and joining the army to do his compulsory National Service, Peter made a life-changing trip to be an au pair for a well-to-do family in Florence, Italy. There he discovered his love of pizza.

In 1965, Peter opened the first PizzaExpress restaurant in Soho London. Today there are more than 450 restaurants in the UK and across the world. An entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for Jazz music, Peter has been a football club chairman, the captain of a merchant ship, a chorister, jazz club owner, philanthropist, traveller, and much more. He has stood for Parliament twice and is a lifelong vegetarian.